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Park Runs coming to Shannon

It is more than just a morning run! Park runs are popping up all over the globe, people come from all over to take part in the VHI Park Run each Saturday morning at 9.30am. Entirely volunteer led this event has proven incredibly popular and we are bringing this event to Shannon. We will be looking for volunteers to help run this weekly event, so please, even if you walk/run nine weeks, volunteer for one week that would be great. 

Runners, Walkers, Strollers and everyone in between are invited to take part.

Register with VHI parkruns to get your unique barcode print this out and bring it with you (not on the phone please) to record your times. You can enter a parkrun anywhere in the world and it is free. if you are with VHI there are rewards .

If you are not, the rewards are ;  stay tuned for more updates