Who are Love Shannon anyway?

‘LoveShannon’ is a group of concerned individuals whose main purpose is to make Shannon town a better place to live today and for future generations to come.

As a group, we place significant emphasis on courtesy, consideration and continuous improvement. We are open to working alongside all relevant parties, particularly those who share similar ideals for Shannon. We are not affiliated with any political party, religious order or commercial organisation.

We aspire to help Shannon achieve its full potential as a living town. We aim to do this through collaborating with suitable bodies, lobbying and questioning the relevant authorities. The final decision makers in all of these matters will be the people of Shannon themselves.

If you want to find out more about the core members of LoveShannon click this link.

What does it mean to be from Shannon?


"I am proud to call Shannon my hometown.

As the newest town in Ireland and nearing 60 years of age, Shannon now has first second and third generation residents. Shannon is 17 times safer than anywhere else to live. it's a wonderful town in which to raise your family, everyone still knows everyone. There is a real sense of belonging here.


"Our town has an iconic focal point at its center, giving people a reason to visit and a reason to stay

With a new park and a class pump track the focal point in the middle of the town is an open park, adhering to the concept of Shannon as an open town.


"I live in a vibrant community with a broad range of groups and activities dotted around the town

Shannon has always been a multicultural town, it's a different type of Irish town, it's not your typical town / village, its unique and the multicultural dimension adds a wonderful flavour to the town.


"We harness the support of local and national government in creating a ‘sense of place’ in Shannon and truly ‘putting it on the map’.

Shannon has so much to offer, it is the intention of the Love Shannon Group together with their partners in commerce, politics and local government/authorities that Shannon is really going to be put on the map as a vibrant center of excellence where anything is possible.